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Hair Restoration Center Derma3x deal with the prevention and hair restoration with new advanced techniques that adapt according to your requirements, but also with the required details, you need to give you a perfect aesthetic result.

With decades of experience, we offer unlimited options that are available for clients who are suffering from any form of hair loss.

For customers of all ages and with a different set of needs, we recommend the most appropriate, additional hair system. We create a relationship that is based on impeccable aesthetic success and satisfaction. We work with respect for the customer and the expectation of our Center is to offer efficient and aesthetic solutions for every need, for men, women but also a special section for children.

Wigs - toupees - fringes - hairpieces.

Human hair  processing workshop - special orders in manufacturing wigs and extensions.

Glued Eyebrows - eyelashes.

Care materials, stabilization and purification for additional hair Niche positioning and adjustment of additional hair.Specialized salon section for each type of service additional hair - hair cleaning disinfection - haircuts - painting - hairstyle and service additional wool or wig.

Braids - braids with clip - Double braids - extensions - additional hair.

Systems hair thickening.

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